Change Logs


In the spirit of openness and transparency may I suggest that when either the Android or iOS app is updated a complete changelog is posted here (or somewhere else if more relevant).


I would be interested in seeing this also.


Agree, I would like to know abut these new features that were added, even bugs.


Hi, is there a change log for latest app update?

I’ve noticed…

New statement layout
Updated spending to include all
Profile picture now works on Android
Goals pictures now show in transaction list
Buisness accounts

It’s a very good update.


Hi @lozfromcorby, glad you like the update. We produced a brief update here:


I really don’t think this update was communicated well enough (unless I missed something?). I know there has been a lot of talk about business accounts, but this was a huge update for non-business users that has solved a whole load of issues with spending insights. You guys should have tooted your own horn a lot more than you have! This is awesome. Shout louder!


It’ll be good to have a “What’s New” in the app menu. Or new features highlighted on first use of the app after an update.


Definitely. Starling do have a platform for release notes in the App/Play Store and this should detail all new features and positive changes as a minimum. Only the business account was communicated here, which really isn’t good enough:


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