Change Categories of Purchases


Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere - apologies if so.

I can’t see a way to change a transaction’s category after making a purchase so I am guessing this isn’t [currently] possible?

For example, on 24 Aug I made a purchase at Pets At Home and it has been categorised as ‘Bills & Services’ (!). Today I made a purchase at ‘The Range’ which has been categorised as ‘General’ which is fine - I would like to move the Pets At Home purchase to General as it isn’t Bills & Services!

I’d be interested in your thoughts/guidance here. Thanks


Under either Merchants or Categories you can tap a particular spend, then tap the icon already assigned for that spend - you’ll then be offered the other available category icons.


@philby Many thanks! Not obvious until it is pointed out to me. Sorted!


Yes @philby thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t noticed that either