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I know it’s been mentioned a few times but if there’s one thing that annoys me above all else in the Starling app it’s when transactions aren’t automatically assigned a category by the app and then there is no way at all to manually assign. It makes the spending insights tab essentially pointless!! I know it’s been noted and logged already - I just hope it gets fixed soon!!

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I’ve raised this several times and you’re right, the spending insights categories tab is useless because it doesn’t contain every transaction. As a minimum, if there isn’t a category for a transaction, it should be added to an ‘uncategorised’ group, then at least the Categories and Merchants insight tabs will tally.

And whilst on this subject, can ATM withdrawals be categorised as Cash, not Payment.


Experienced this problem for the first time on May 2nd (iOS, latest version), and it has happened three times since. Flagged it to customer services and got a stock brush-off ‘we aren’t interested’ reply (much like I get whenever I flag up a problem using in-app chat).

Perhaps @sarah.guha or one of the other senior people can provide an ETA please for when this bug will get fixed and the data corrected?

Pics below.

P.S. - had something very similar happen once last year with Monzo. No only was the rep on in-app chat able to manually correct the transaction entry (Starling didn’t even offer this option), but I was updated later on with a rough (and accurate) eta for when an app update would be issued with a fix.


Sarah is aware and a fix is being worked on. I’m having the same issue.


Glad to see not the only one with this issue.


Very disappointing that this still hasn’t been fixed.


Hi all, Back now and following up on this one now.


Went through this today with @sam and he’s taking a look. It shouldn’t need an app release so hope to resolve soon.

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Excellent - thanks for the update!


Would love to see this one fixed then I can start using the stats on the Spending screen.


Thanks for the update @sarah.guha. Can we get an eta for the fix as this is completely messing up the monthly spending figures, a key feature of the account.


@sarah.guha I’ve noticed one of my transactions that was previously uncategorised (and had no method of assigning a category) has now been fixed. Unfortunately, there appears to be another discrepancy somewhere as my categories and merchants totals for the month are still around £12 out.

Looks like something is being done in the background though, which is good. Hopefully a full resolution is on its way.

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@sarah.guha further to my previous message, I’ve figured out the discrepancy after trawling through every transaction for the month…

I sent £13 to my Nationwide account that hasn’t been included in merchants, though outgoing payments to my daughter and other people all appear in the merchants list. Not sure why a payment to one of my own accounts is treated differently, though I suspect it may be because I have a number of incoming payments from that account so the outgoing one has been lumped in with them (below the list of merchants, under “you’ve received”). This transaction is categorised as “Lifestyle”.

Similarly, I have a couple of very small transactions (1p and 11p) from Paypal and Google - these were account verification transactions. These also appear under “you’ve received”, though they are categorised as “Payments”.

As they have categories, these three transactions appear in my categories list. As explained above, they don’t appear in my merchants list, so the upshot is a £12.88 discrepancy. If I recategorise them all as “Income” then everything balances as they disappear from the categories list. Clearly I don’t want to do that though - the £13 outgoing payment to my Nationwide account is to pay for my FlexPlus insurance benefits and I want that categorised accordingly.

I think the Spending screen needs a bit of work to correct these anomalies. It’s almost there, just some tweaking required.

iOS Release 0.50.0

A quick update and summary… I’ve recategorised the 1p and 11p as income - not technically incorrect and inconsequential in terms of my spending analysis. This makes the discrepancy £13. Basically, the problem is that if you have incoming payments from an account/“merchant”, any outgoing payments to them are grouped with the income under “you’ve received” below the list of merchants.

As it’s an outgoing payment, it clearly shouldn’t be displayed under “you’ve received”. Outgoing payments need to be separated and included in the merchant list.

Hope this helps and that your Dev team can implement this seemingly small change quickly :slight_smile:

Discrepancy on Spending screen

Thanks @danmullen, I am aware of this. Adding @sam and @ben.chisell who can hopefully review this.

To confirm the original issue identified on this thread where some transactions were not assigned a category and therefore you could not submit improvements is now resolved.