Category Examples & Descriptions



To allow us to consistently categorise our custom/unrecognised transactions inline with how the merchants are officially categorised, is there a list anywhere of all the categories along with examples or a description of each?

I’d like such a resource to allow me answer questions such as:

  • What is the “Payment” category officially for?
  • Should drinks in a bar be put in “Eating Out”, “Entertainment” or “Lifestyle”?
  • What kind of transactions should go in “Home”? Is there not some overlap with “Bills & Services”?
  • Is the “General” category, just for “anything else”?
  • What kind of things should be put in the “Lifestyle” category?
  • What should payments to credit cards be categorised as? “Bills”? Or “Payment”?
  • When should the “Shopping” category be used?

I realise I can choose how to make use of the categories myself, but as most of the time Starling will choose the category for me, I’d prefer to select my categories using the same rules.


@StarlingSupport There must be some internal category documentation that could be useful for users here?