Categorising mortgage/rent payments


I’m curious how everyone categorises their mortgage or rent payments. I’m torn between Bills and Home. I see Bills more as the utilities (gas, electric, water, etc.) and Home for stuff like if you buy a sofa, kettle, etc.

I know it’s subjective and whatever works for you - just wondering what other people do :slight_smile:


Funny you posted this as my rent went out this morning and I categorised it as bills and services :smile:


That’s how mine is set currently @Arun_Brown, though it makes what I spend on household bills look too high!


Rent as bills and Mortgage as home.


Bills and services here also for my rent. Pretty much all my set monthly outgoings are in that one category. It’s the what-direct-debits-from-a-goal-would-cater-for category. If only that facility existed. :thinking: It should basically stay the same every month.


I use bills