Categories for Business


Can someone at Starling update us as to the status of categories (either custom categories or categories for business? I’d like to see custom categories and see them in exports ideally. I’m currently using Starling for Business but would like to know what the long term plans are on this.

Also is there a roadmap for business features, or are they in the normal starling roadmap? Where is the latest roadmap?

Are business accounts still in beta?

@StarlingSupport are you able to help with @Kenny business queries re Starling.

The latest road map is here


Thanks for the tag @Gallifreyangirl and hello Kenny :wave:

At this moment, we know that custom categories are something customers would really like; we also recently updated our roadmap in terms of key priorities.

@sarah.guha will be able to give more context to your specific question re a business account roadmap, this sounds like an interesting idea and may be something we deliver in the future.

We’re very open to feedback so do keep the ideas coming :+1:


+1 for custom categories :+1:t4::ok_hand:t4:


+a million for me… Shame we can only vote once