Cashback Services


It would be great if we could link up cashback services like Topcashback and Quidco to automate the process of getting cashback from purchases.


Currently Tail is available for iOS users in London. I’ve not been able to test it out and have a look at it however, being that I’m on Android.

I’m sure it’ll be more widely available soon, both in terms of OS and reach.


I’ve seen Tail, they look pretty good and I will be signing up with them when the Android version becomes available.


I agree. Something a bit less London-centric would be nice too. Neither Tail or Flux are of any use where I live, so I haven’t been able to try the marketplace out yet.


Well, cashback deals would probably be enough to make a lot of Halifax customers jump ship seeing as that’s one of the the main benefits of their current account.


The thing I don’t get about Halifax and their Cashback thing is why they don’t just automatically give cash back on the services they offer.

There is never going to be a situation I wouldn’t want money back from spending :rofl:


I agree, it’s a bit stupid how you have to “activate” the offers.


It’s beneficial for them to make it “opt-in” as they can then advertise as a cashback account (which they are) but don’t have to automatically pay people the cashback if they use their card. (as they need to select the cashback “offer” before the transaction).

Sneaky way of promotion and cost-saving at the same time.


I would love cashback for household bills like Direct Debits as it would be a contender against RBS and Santander