Cashback / rewards


Wondering if this is possible with starling, if they could team up with various brands / companies and offer us cash back
Incentives for using our card with that particular retailer, like rewards say 1% for spend at Halfords etc
I really like this idea :bulb: and have this on curve


Personally I’ve never used that, Barclays do it and a couple of other banks/cards however I find I get more cashback going through sites like Topcashback or using an extension like pouch.


I get what your saying, it’s just nice to have everything in one place :grinning:


The emerging Starling Marketplace is the method by which us customers will benefit from partnerships with 3rd parties. Just the one at the moment, but we’re expecting that to change in the months to come.


Now that will be something to look forward to :blush:


Try Tail Offers already integrated


Thanks I’ll check
This out ! :blush:


Tail does seem to be London-centric though. My nearest ‘deal’ was a kebab shop about 58 miles away! :taco:


It is London for now :frowning:


My nearest Tail offer is 190.8 miles away! Hopefully they will expand soon.


Im in South Wales so I got no hope lol! :smirk:


I think if they do a Cashback thing, it should be seamless. I know my Barclays and Santander accounts both have some kind of cashback thing but you have to opt-in to each deal and then keep checking back to see if they’re any more. Neither of which I currently do!


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