Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office


Any updates on when we can expect this?


None at all.


“Coming soon”.


‘Being worked on’ :thinking:


A small part due to this topic, but others as well, I’m finding Starling less and less useful.

I’ve closed my goals as no point having money earning such a small rate of interest, gone back to fully using my AMEX as May as well get cash back on everything I buy.

Struggling TBH to find a reason to keep my account…


Everyone has different requirements of course.

But I’ve stated many times that my AMEX is always my “go to” for spending - I see little advantage in not using it, when the rewards are so good.

The only benefit would be if I needed a little help analysing my spend, so I could budget better etc.

I use Starling for bank transfers (very good payee management), and any service/payment that I can’t use my AMEX for.

Any new bank (or old bank) will struggle to compete with AMEX when it comes to the “rewards” side of things - Whether that be cash back or points!


Having a minute ago found out the daily card spending limits I often couldn’t even pay my Amex bill in one go!!


Without wishing to assume anything about your personal situation - If you have a monthly AMEX bill of over £25,000, I’m not sure you need to worry too much (considering I’m sure you’ve said you pay it off in full each month!)


Card limit is £10k though and people have had issues much lower than that. 2/3 times a year my bill is 5 figure, probably half the time it’s over £5k. People have issues even at that level.


Any thoughts about an alternative banking solution?


I’ve never closed my First Direct and will probably stick with them, it probably suits my banking needs more, just hope they bring their app a bit more up to date as thats about the only thing missing (for me).


OK. No damage done then.

Might be handy to hang on to the account - instant notifications still not a feature with FD.


I’ll hang onto it,

I have noticed lately though that although not instant, money is coming out quicker and showing quicker when using card/apple pay etc. That said Amex is now instant from a notification point of view.


It is indeed. Just taken delivery of my Amex card.


You just signed up Graham to Amex


He didn’t ask for a referral code!


Just seen they do a 9.9 apr Low rewards credit card that looks good.