Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office


Not yet as far as I am aware, but this seems to be a much-requested feature.


Withdrawing money at the Post Office requires the card to be part of the LINK Network as far as I am aware from past experience.



The card does NOT need to be part of Link but the bank does need to enter into a contract with Post Office and pay them money


Post office deposits would be handy. I do this all the time with my first direct account


This would be SO handy :laughing:


@GeorgeBroadley You might want to follow this thread for updates about Post Office payments/withdrawls. It’s safe to say you’re not the only person interested!


A Post Office link up would be a great stride forward.
I quite often use my local one to pay cash/cheques into my legacy bank.


I would rather go to a Post Office than a NatWest! At the least the staff won’t look at me confused when I try to pay some cash in! :grin:


Although my nearest Post Office is like walking into a third world country - they are confused when you tell them you want a stamp!


With my Monese current account you can pay in at Post Office or PayPoint. Post Office is cheaper but takes 24-48 hours, PayPoint is instant so I always chose to pay a bit more and pay it in that way. Particularly now 2 Post Offices shut near me.


This is something that no-one’s really discussed or mentioned though. Would you be happy to be charged to pay money into your account at the Post Office or through Paypoint like they do with Monese?


I don’t think I’d mind, as long as it wasn’t ridiculous. 50p perhaps? :slight_smile:

It’s not a service I’d use often, but at the same time I want it to exist - so on that basis, I’d pay.


I would be happy to pay for the post office or pay point to pay cheques or cash into the account.


I think charges for things that are free and taken for granted at most ‘legacy’ banks is a bad idea. (Post office)


I’d rather not pay obviously but would do for the convenience of being able to pay in at the Post Office. It would cost me more than 50p in fuel and frustration of driving to a busy shopping mall to use the nearest NatWest.

The legacy banks hide the cost of these things in fees and other crap, I’d rather it be an up front fee that I know I’m paying that be stung somewhere else along the way.


I think 50p to a £1 is OK to charge for paying in cash at a post office as @chalky has said it would cost more than that to get into Sheffield or to Crystal Peaks to pay in at a bank branch.

So think i would see it as a convenience charge and one that i’d pay :slight_smile:


I have a Natwest a town over which takes about 20 mins to get to by bus or 10 in a car.

I’d rather not see a charge for paying in cash; especially if a change effects the way I can currently pay in cash for free as I do now.

Overall I’m not fussy if it’s a Post Office or Natwest that I pay in at. Although both would be nice.


Crystal Peaks was exactly the place I was thinking about!


I think it gives a bad impression them using Natwest. A stand alone independent bank shouldn’t look like it needs to depend on another established bank - no matter in how small a way.

Whereas the Post Office is a universal service that most of the other banks use too.

A charge wouldn’t really affect me, I virtually never pay in cash. But it looks very bad when you start having charges (even small charges) for things that are taken for granted as free everywhere else.

I get the argument about hidden charges with other banks, but I’m not sure that really stands in my case. I haven’t been charged anything by any bank for everyday banking - other than the odd overdraft fee, which I totally accept and is expected.