Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office


Don’t disagree @Slofe it all depends what you want (or need) right now. For me it’s a long way away from being my only or main account as it’s just not up to speed yet, this month at First Direct i’ve;

Paid cash in 3 times and paid in 4 cheques (at different times), walk in HSBC, card in Machine and within a minute all done and back out again. Had I only had Starling, would have been queue at the Natwest counter assuming the branch were up to speed! And not instant in.


I think the delay is probably due to having an external source to deal with. I.e the post office I suspect negotiations will need to take place. I think where Starling are letting themselves down (again) is the communication to us the customers. Its lacking and understandably people get sick of coming soon with no real positive information. Now you could say thats true of most businesses but as starling are Trying to set themselves up as the new thing, perhaps regular proper updates on major things like this should be the new thing.


The Post Office have procedures in place that can be slow, however they want to be used, so they actually try and push through partnerships quickly, it gives them the push to remain open.

Another bank managed to get Post Office set up within 3 months of them launching current accounts. So it’s not always down to one particular party, there could be lots of reasons for the delay.

Starling have committed to Post Office use so it’s just a matter of time, it keeps being pushed back, but there can’t be much more to solve.


To be fair…that does make it sound like mobile only banking is not for you…


It’s not normally like that for cheques, I’d say an average year is 3-4, it’s only i’ve been shutting down my late fathers accounts all of whom will only close by cheque.

Cash on average though is a couple of times a month.

I’d have thought though paying in and out is a fairly useable/used process with any banking! Cheque imaging will help, although probably not in this instance as the cheques were of a fair size and most seem to have a relatively small limit.


To be fair, I do agree with you tho.

Even I sometimes get cash and have to put it in my partner’s bank and transfer it over :slight_smile:


Starling is the future. What is this cash you speak of? :joy:

If I ever get cash I just spend it.


I agree. I can’t see the point of depositing cash only to then perhaps withdraw cash a few days later from an ATM, or to pay in the cash and then use the card when you could have just used up the cash and saved yourself a trip to the dreaded Post Office or bank.


The limit won’t be small, its only during the transition period while banks introduce cheque imaging is there a limit. By the end of the year some banks will have no limit and by next year all banks will have no limit.


This is obviously different for some businesses. All of our income is via cash, yet all the suppliers want paying by bank transfer. Our biggest day of the week is Saturday, but all the banks close at lunch time, so we now use a CashPlus account, and pay in at the post office Saturday evening.

We have opened a Starling account ready, but it is of no use to us until we can pay in cash at the post office. We are getting a bit frustrated at this constant “coming soon” status, without the slightest updates. Even a post every couple of weeks on here to say they are still working on it, but the coding is taking a bit longer, or they’re waiting on the post office, or whatever stage they’re at would help to keep us all happy.


I think your example is a prime reason why Starling should possibly advertise themselves as a “beta” product - Although…

  1. Whose going to want to sign up to a beta bank?
  2. Do people really understand what a beta product is?
  3. People would still have the same frustrations they have.

But, Starling really is a beta product - Development takes time, partnerships take time, things can change with the wind when you are developing something as complex as a banking system/app.

If every user was 100% aware that Starling is not anywhere close to being a finished article (probably not even 10%), I’m sure a lot of these threads wouldn’t exist.

Couple that with the very heavy focus on mobile (I appreciate Starling have said they are working on cash/cheque deposits), but it’s still a mobile bank primarily, then you have a case where…

It’s a bank that focusses very heavily on the mobile side of things… and it’s still in beta (testing so to speak).

If everyone understood that, these little annoyances (or big annoyances in some cases), would subside.

Just my opinion.


Paying in cash and cheques isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must when it comes to current accounts - particularly the “best current account”! Maybe in the future this won’t be the case but it definitely is at the moment.


Especially with business accounts and sole trader accounts, many small business take cash.


I like to be able to see exactly where my money has gone each month so paying it in even if you take it back out soon after helps me do that, especially with Starling’s categorisation of transactions


Appreciate everyone has different needs, but if paying in cash and cheques were essential for me to make a bank my first choice, I wouldn’t use a mobile only branchless bank.

Then again, I do believe you should make most of your choices that will impact you daily on what fits your needs now, not what you might need in the future, or what might need my needs in the future.

Again, I appreciate everyone has different needs and expectations, just my thoughts on the annoyance around the Post Office delay.


That’s the reason I don’t accept people giving me cash, and I avoid withdrawing it. It’ll just get spent on nonsense!


I think the annoyance is mainly because this was promised in Spring, then it became June then it was put back to July. If the next update is in a couple of weeks, it sounds like it isn’t coming in July.

It’s important to manage people’s expectations and on this occasion that hasn’t happened.


I understand that. But my point is if it’s something that mattered to me so much that it would cause annoyance, a mobile only branchless bank wouldn’t be my choice.

I do agree that longer term its something Starling need to have covered to be a good all round bank.


Just to reiterate @danmullen’s point, which is very valid…

Setting expectations for customers is incredibly important, especially when it comes to a service which is still in its infancy.

If you state something is coming soon, or even go as far as give a date, you need to be releasing said feature around that time (appreciate set backs can happen, and to be fair to Starling, I can’t think of many other times this has happened).

I mean… “coming soon” has become a long running joke in the FinTech world (Apple Pay and Monzo anyone?).

I doubt we’d see such a pushback on cash/cheque paying in, if Starling hadn’t ever promised it.


I agree on this idea, check out my post in the joint accounts thread. I feel its an incomplete product rushed out to meet demand. We had a lot of hype but ended up with a cumbersome product that is needlessly complicated (referring of course to both people needing a single account).

Worst of all is the Pulse sneak peek from about a year ago which, to be, looks like it will clearly never be implemented.

Managing expectations is not Starlings strength, but at the same time patience isn’t common on the boards. Fine balance.