Cash withdrawal notifications


I found that with some cash points even before we make the withdrawal the notification has already been sent to the phone

This is when we come to the screen where it says the card issuer may charge you for this withdrawal, would you like to proceed?

If we were to change our mind and not go ahead with the withdrawal, what would that do to our balance as notification has already been sent saying we have withdrawn when we havent yet?


Good morning! I just checked this one with the product team, and they told me that this is how card transactions work.

We trigger based on the authorisation request not the presentment (the collection of cash from your account). The ATM makes the auth request and we have no way of knowing whether it intends to complete or not. If you say that you wish to cancel then the ATM will send an auth reversal immediately. If you proceed then you’ll receive the cash and at some point in the future it will send us a presentment (maybe immediately, maybe in a couple of days). If we triggered based on the presentment then you’d receive the notification potentially some days later.

Hope that helps? :slightly_smiling_face:

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The issue here maybe explained better with some figures

So last night I went to withdraw £10,

After I entered the PIN, and selected cash only the app sent me a notification saying I HAD already withdrawn £10

Yet the withdrawal had not yet taken place, as the next message was ‘The card issue may charge you for this withdrawal’ would you like to proceed?

At this point I could say yes, and withdraw (The card notification in this case would be fine) or I could select No and get my card back

So say I selected No and I did not go ahead with the withdrawal, the notification should update as it would be incorrect to be displaying that I have withdrawn, when I havent,

Im also wondering if it would debit my account with the £10 withdrawal aswell if I were to not go ahead with the withdrawal, as the app seems to think I have

Hope that makes sense


As @JamesPratley said, the money was never debited from your account. Using your example, the ATM asked your bank to ‘hold’ £10 but if you choose not to proceed the ATM would tell your bank to release the ‘hold’ on the £10. If you did choose to proceed, some time later (days) the ATM operator would request the £10 from your bank.

I agree that the notification can be misleading for situations such as this, and I believe it would be helpful if Starling sent an update notification when an authorisation is reversed. So, in your case you would have received a second notification with, for example: “Cash withdrawal of £10 from ATM Operator has been cancelled.”