Cash Withdrawal declined at 8am this morning due to issuers


I tried to withdraw cash this morning at approx 8:05 twice from the same cash machine, both times the ATM stated that the withdrawal was refused by the issuer. RBS card worked just fine. Has yesterdays issue continued into today ?


Monzo have reported issues so I would imagine so. I managed to do a transaction at 08:02 but it took 10 minutes for the notification to come through.


Chatting with support “my card looks fine” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So I asked if the transaction requests actually reached them, apparently not. Surely as support for a bank, when I say transactions were declined the first thing you would check is did they reach us?


I am having the same issue. Was embarassing as I couldn’t pay for my taxi. Have been on to customer services and they don’t seem aware!!


Did the cash machine have the MasterCard logo? Starling does not currently support LINK.


Yes it did. It appears I am not the only one having issues. A point to note is I tried two cash machines. This is so frustrating. The service status still says “operational” as well, which it clearly is not.


All card transactions are operational. If you experienced an unexpected decline at a cash machine, but are seeing a transaction in your app this will be corrected on your feed in due course.


Are you saying all card transactions have been operational all morning, or just now that any issues have been resolved?


I am sure I am not the only one worrying. I fear trying the cash point again. Has anyone else had any further issues and why did it not affect everyone.


I see Monzo reported a payment issue at 8:13 GMT today on their pre-paid card that lasted for 20 minutes. Maybe it points to a GPS issue? Or it could be totally coincidental.


There’s nothing to say that it didn’t affect everyone!


Silly question (and it caught me out) but is you card enabled for cash withdrawls? Check the security controls in Card>Security in the app…


@Jonathan_Sharp were you trying to withdraw Cash for your taxi or trying to pay directly with your card. That way we can rule out just an ATM issue.

Still doesn’t explain why just before it stopped working that I got a delayed transaction notification, seems like I got in just before it went down. I’ve never had a problem with delayed transaction notifications before today and a transaction around 10am was fine.


I had a very similar experience yesterday, refused when trying to withdraw cash but the app showed as withdrawn. Weirdly then went into Tesco and bought a few bits but never got a notification and no payment showing on app, its just come through now and the withdrawal has also now gone.


That was due to the ‘issue, not issue, but clearly an issue’ they had yesterday and this morning :roll_eyes:


So apparently the transaction I did at 08:02 that took 10 minutes to come through is now apparently declined (got a Push Notification this morning). The Contactless terminal authorised it at the time but CS don’t actually know if it went through or not.

So there definitely was a problem that didn’t just affect ATMs and we have clearly been lied to. It’s one thing to not admit an issue but to bare face lie about it is completely unacceptable.

I want answers.


mate. You’re ruining Starling for me.


To not yet know all the facts about the transaction is not the same as being lied to. Sorry, Chalky, but I object to that language.


Being told twice that there was nothing wrong with card transactions is not a lie?