Cash machine balance


Puzzling display of account balance on a NoteMachine cash machine. The balance display shows two values - account balance and available balance. The difference between the two is any pending transactions. My Nationwide balance shows (as expected) my cleared balance as the account balance as this figure less any spend today as the cash available.

For some reason my Starling account shows a zero balance and an available balance of my current balance?


Am I missing something about this topic? Is it linked to another that I can’t see as I seems like I have jumped into it half way though a conversation but can only see this one message from @Peter_Watson. :confused:

Edit: Oh now it has more info and a pic! haha


Very good question @GazB as its very confusing if new thread or if its been moved. :confused:


Is that an overdraft?


Operator error on my part - I was submitting the new post from my mobile (so I could upload the picture) and inadvertently saved it with the default text that you get when you start a new thread. :blush:


No, not an overdraft.


@Peter_Watson i see what you saying its showing you can withdraw £27.20 in bank and as your balance on app. But cash machine is showing account balance as £0.00. Very odd is @sarah.guha able to help?


One part of me is like, this should work and wants to know why it doesn’t. The other part of me is like why would you even use this feature when you have such a fully featured app. Even with my legacy bank, I can’t remember the last time I used this facility at the ATM.

I also think that it costs the bank when you use this function, although I could be wrong on that. I always thought this is why the paid ATMs always want you to do this and try to trick you into doing it several times!


Thanks for highlighting this to us @Peter_Watson. We’ll look into it.


I used to work for a company that worked with NoteMachine. All the NoteMachine engineers (I probably met maybe 6 different ones) told me that they made the money on receipts.
They said that when a user requests a print out they get 10p or 15p (can’t remember) from the bank.

This always seemed unfeasible to me because, who gets receipts? Or printed balances?

But they all insisted this was the case.


A fair question - I only stumbled on it as I was checking my Nationwide balance* and thought I’d give it a go. I guess there may be times when you don’t have a phone and you want to draw cash and check your balance :wink:

*Now around two weeks since I kicked off opening a Flex Plus account and I still can’t use their mobile app/internet banking as I haven’t got a card reader yet. I’d forgotten what a long drawn out process opening a legacy current account was!


Maybe it was printed receipts and balances that I was thinking about then!


Same happened with me, ended up going into my local branch the day before the switch & getting one over the counter. The one in the mail still hasn’t turned up, nearly 4 weeks after opening the account…