Cash Advance fee warning message at Cashpoints


Apologies if this has been asked and / or answered elsewhere but is there anything in the pipeline to get rid of the Cash Advance warning message on cashpoints?



We’re aware of it and definitely feel it’s misleading. I’ll pass on your feedback to our card ops team.

Retailer Declines

Thanks Sarah - personally speaking its more of an annoyance - I know I’m not going to be charged.


It’s very annoying, and would like to see it changed.


looks like a BIN issue as the previous owner ( charged for cash withdrawals so the ATM provider needs to update their BIN database


Interesting. I withdrew today at a NatWest ATM which triggered this post - it seems to be universal however.


some will also ask you to choose an language (again as the BIN was owned by a Danish bank (like when you use your card abroad it will ask to choose a language).


Yeah - it would be great to get rid of this.

Mainly because I can foresee a drunken Friday night when I try and use my card in a cash machine that I didn’t realise charges for use - misread that message and assume in my drunken stupor that it’s just the standard false ‘You may be charged’ message.


I take it that may be why it also asks what language you want the ATM to display in!


Yes, I had this request for language request yesterday when using my Starling card for the first time at an ATM at my local Co-op. Threw me a bit. It also flashed up the “You may be charged by your card issuer…” warning.


I’m passing this feedback onto our card ops team, will keep you updated.


Thanks Sarah - you rock!

ATM Alert when withdrawing cash

Any update on this? Do Starling plan to work toward getting the notification removed where possible?


Hi all, A small update for you on this (although not a resolution just yet). We have been advised that the advance warning will be shown to card issuers who are non-LINK members. Only LINK network members are able to suppress the messages as they have reassurance that the ATM fee structure will always be free.

Starling is not a member of the LINK network. We do want to reassure you though that we will never charge ATM fees and you can tap to accept the warning with confidence. I will keep you posted on further updates - naturally it is something we want to address somehow.


Is it something Starling would consider, as a card issuer member?


We have considered and it isn’t currently in our near roadmap.


Thanks for updating.


The warning really doesn’t bother me. We know Starling won’t charge us.

It needs sorting but I don’t think it should be a priority.


This has annoyed me (obviously not significantly and I respect that @sarah.guha has many more exciting things higher up the roadmap) but as a point of curiosity, last night an ATM prompted me with this warning after PIN/amount selection (I can’t recall what the norm is but I think most ask right at the start, Nat West definitely). Anyway, before I’d hit Yes, I had the withdrawal notification from the Starling App.

I know Starling is fast (!) but I’m curious now what the messaging sequence is and what would have happened if I hit No…?


Some cash machines seem to authorise the balance before showing the final questions to the customer. If you click cancel, the machine will let us know and we will reverse the authorisation, sending you a push notification to say the transaction was reversed by the machine.

Not sure why they work in this sequence but it gets the right result in the end!