Cards transactions may be slow or fail


Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing further card issues and so you may find that your card is declined. As per yesterday we expect that most transactions (86%) will be processed successfully, however you might find that your card is declined. We are investigating and we will update you as soon as know when this has been resolved.


Thanks very much for letting us know Sarah, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:


@sarah.guha Can a push notification system be generated for issues such as this? I imagine that a good number of customers don’t engage with the forum and may go unaware of such issues.


@sarah.guha this is vital. We need push notifications now not next year but today instant.


The issue with cards is now resolved. We experienced issues with our card service for 10 minutes and cards are now processing normally. We anticipate that during this outage more than 85% of transactions will have been processed ok, but we will confirm the impact as soon as we can.


I think push notifications would be such a good idea if it could be done


Thanks for the update(s) @sarah.guha!

Interesting that it doesn’t immediately appear to be an issue with GPS this time as other FinTech’s who usually have issues at the same time haven’t reported anything. Alternatively, it could also be that Starling was proper on the ball this time and noticed before everyone else!

  • Something went wrong
  • Starling announced the problem
  • Starling announced when resolved
  • Customers were happy

Wow :open_mouth:


Monzo put out a tweet a few mins ago…

Starling actually better this time around :+1:t2:


It’s quite funny…sods law.

But also… 1 hour (50 mins plus 10 today) is 99.4% uptime for the week…that’s an SLA failure in my line of work (99.85%)…naughty GPS. :frowning::blush:


Ok - so complete speculation but I wonder if this means if GPS is struggling to perform during a ‘peak’ hour - which is what I would suspect lunchtime to be.

Twice at roughly the same time of day.


As I understand Monzo are moving to in-house card processer over the course of next few month as they are transferring prepay customers to CA and will shut prepay completely. There have been no outages for CA users. Do we know if Starling will go for their own card processor instead of relying on this not so stable 3rd party?


Good on you letting us know!
Can we please have a push notification to our phones for future? I’m pretty sure people don’t check this when their cards decline :open_mouth:


I used it successfully with Android Pay at 12.44 and 12.53. :ok_hand:


You’re the bank, I’m the customer, and a push notification is a must if these are going to continue.

Also, there have been many questions if you’re going to move payments in house, with no reply. It’s like you’re ignoring us (but I now know @anne reads everything, so please, organise a statement on this at the bear minimum!) didn’t get updated IMO, and it should, even if it is just 10 mins, and most transactions go through ok.


Good spot! I checked both Monzo and Revolut at the time and neither had posted anything.


Hi Mark, Our status page was updated to a degraded service during the 10 minutes.


Hi @sarah.guha. I’m just curious as to why there is no mention of it in the “Past Incidents” section on the status page? I notice there is nothing in there for yesterdays short outage either? Is this due to the low level of severity of the outage? Thanks.


We updated our live status from operational to degraded service while we look into the issue and assess the impact. If the impact is assessed and further communication is possible a narrative can be added.


I think the issue is because you aren’t creating an incident and just marking payments as ‘degraded’, the outage is not appearing in the “Past Incidents” which is giving the impression that you are trying to suppress the fact that there was indeed an outage.

If this isn’t the case, I’d possibly go back and make sure those previous incidents are provided a narrative ( and make sure you create incidents going forward.