Cards may currently be declined


Hi all,

Currently some customers may experience a card decline or an incorrect notification of a reversal. If you received a reversal notification, don’t worry, your transaction did go through, and you have paid. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, your transactions will be corrected in your feed in due course.

We have updated our status here and you will have received a message in app.


and this is why you should move it in-house!


Yeah, I just got the notification on the Monzo pre-paid app (Monzo current account unaffected because they have that in-house) and came here to see if Starling was down too.

It’s a bit worrying.


Still no in-app notification :frowning:

[Edit] Actually that’s not strictly true - I can see there’s a status message when I open the app so well done on this improvement :slight_smile:


Curve have just confirmed its resolved so assume its now resolved for Starling and Monzo PrePaid


I thought debit card processing was in-house, with only manufacturing outsourced, to allpay.

I may be wrong though… @sarah.guha?


Only some card transactions were effected, for the majority of customers the only impact was the unexpected reversal notification.


Me too. Pre-paid busted, CA fine.

I wonder if this is the reason why my Android Pay didn’t work this time.

One thing after another so far.

Unlikely to be switching to Starling anytime soon . . . though is still early days in my experience/journey with SB.


Why was Starling over an hour late to update the statuspage site? Also an in-app notification would have been nice - as statuspage notifications are too expensive :wink:




Sarah, from my limited knowledge of FinTech, I’m understanding that your bank uses a payment processor called GPS that is favoured by Loot, Revolut and Mnzo prepaid, amongst others.

I understand this is not the first time GPS has failed you and your competitors? Legacy banks are still working fine.

For customers moving their personal current account to Starling, and closing their legacy account, what confidence can they have in the reliability of the Starling debit card?


Hi, As I said it was largely the notification about a reversal which will have impacted our customers, and this occurred just before half four UTC.


For clarity, do I understand correctly that Starling’s Payment processor is the same as Loot, Revolut and Monzo prepay?

If so, are you saying the only issue on Starling was an erroneous notification?

And that no Starling customers were prevented from making payments during the outage that prevented customers of other providers being able to make payments?

Or maybe I’ve misunderstood completely, in which case my apologies.


@sarah.guha mentioned:

so it wasn’t just ‘notifications’!


Understood, thank you. The inference from the later post implied it was largely notifications.

My point is the reliability of the Starling debit card compared to legacy banks.


I still think it would be great to have a notification to let us know, I got one from others but not Starling, good to know it was only a minor outage though.


At risk of being shot down in flames here, prior to today’s outage the last unexpected downtime was experienced on 1 August. So we do need to keep this in context.

That said, it’s a helluva lot more frequently than my credit card provider (I’ve never had an issue with them - ever), and more frequent than we should reasonably expect from our bank. I still don’t understand why:

  • The provider does not have robust failover processes and systems in place which would prevent any downtime?

  • Why I only get to hear about a problem from Starling by seeking information on this community forum, whereas Monzo and Curve actively send me text messages advising me to carry another card?


before 1st Aug it was:
Jul 26
Jul 12
Jul 6
Jul 6
Mar 5

I count 7 times since March…

Starling used to send messages via statuspage however turned off the feature - I guess in the hope the end user wouldn’t notice the downtime?

9- 23rd Oct
10 - 24th Oct
11 - 25th Oct
12 - 25th Oct
13 - 25th Oct

Debit Card Outage

The context would be Starling comparison with the number of times legacy banks fail.

Ah. That’s much worse than I thought it was.


I’m not looking to rake up the past - clearly July was a very bad month indeed and I am sure all manner of :poop: was hitting the fan - even @anne took note of the discontent around on the forum then . And back in March, well Starling were not on-boarding Joe Public then - so I think it’s safe to ignore anything before May 2017.

However, even just one unexpected outage every two months is not good enough.

Of course bringing something in-house is fraught with different risks; so one assumes outsourcing to experts makes perfect sense, but only if those experts provide a service you can be proud of. I can’t imagine Starling can be proud to be working with this particular partner at the moment.


For me, the silence is worrying. Even if they said they are working with X partner to resolve any issues, that is far more reassuring than saying nothing

Sticking your head in the sand and pretending everything is fine doesn’t work especially for a bank.