Cards may currently be declined or slow to process


We are currently experiencing further issues with card processing and so please be aware that your card may be declined. We expect less than 20% of transactions to be affected. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we continue to investigate.

An in app message has been served to anyone launching the app, to pre-empt feedback we are unable to send a push notification today but we have acknowledged your feedback on this.


Just used mine at Tesco and worked fine.
Thanks for the heads up!


I got my ifttt alert too on this which is great.
Amazing that this is day three in a row of this happening. Maybe I’ll start taking lunch later. :smirk:


Thank you for the heads up,

and THANK YOU for responding to community feedback and actively working on a better way of notifying users. Just opened the app, got the message and it linked me to as well, which is great.

I know you guys have acknowledged the feedback regarding push notifications, so it’s great to see that it’s being looked into.

A prime example of turning a potential negative into a positive, with active engagement with your user community :smile:


@sarah.guha it’s great that you are listening to customers and acting on feedback.
The status page is upto date :slightly_smiling_face:


The timing does make me think it’s a peak capacity issue. Surely too much of a coincidence?


:+1:t3: for the notification


Thanks for updating us about this @sarah.guha and for the fast implementations of service status within your app and updating your status page.

This is a much better experience for customers, well done to everyone involved.


Ooh after all my joking…the screen is actually very handy and good.

One thing (as always :slight_smile: ) the status page doesn’t have android pay? Unless I missed it.



Thankyou for the heads up Sarah

Really appreciate Starling making the efffort to inform its users via various methods

This is all very positive stuff


Thanks, we don’t list digital payments separately - this would come under cards.
We list Funding by Apple Pay as this available to add money to your account, we don’t yet support Funding by Android Pay.


We have seen 5 minutes of normal activity. Your cards will now be processed normally.
Thanks for your comments :pray:


This is an excellent step forward! I really appreciate that you’ve taken feedback on board and are being more proactive regarding this, especially using the Status Page in the right way!

Definitely heading in the right direction!


Yes well done. Transparency is far better than confusion. :grin:


Also, additional credit where it’s due, you posted before everyone else :+1:


Hi all,

Unfortunately we seeing some issues again. Please be aware that your card may be declined. We expect less than 20% of transactions to be affected. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we continue to monitor.



I’m really pleased that Starling has listened to the concerns of customers and has implemented this today. I think this is a positive thing to do.


Ahhh I get ya!!


Why are these outages still happening?


Thanks @sarah.guha much appreciated the in app message with card issues. Managed to use my card just now fine for lunch.