Card view CVV


It’s very minor but showing the cvv on the card view is not great security. To protect against a sneaky camera snap it would be helpful if the card could be “flipped” in the app with a tap and/or swipe to reveal the cvv.


They could introduce a swipe for it at the same time as reintroducing the swipe for the Android transaction list!


I find it handy to have in the app.


It is a good idea, and one we’ll consider. I find it so handy having my card details in app when I am paying online.


I guess having a swipe option isn’t a bad idea for those who want it.

I personally wouldn’t use it - Someone can take a photo/look at your CVV on a normal card anyway?


I personally love the fact it’s there on view, no going through hurdles looking for it.

It’s no less secure having it on the app than on your card. In fact it’s obviously more secure in the app, you have to actually use security to get into the app.