Card Reversals


I’m not sure what the link is but yesterday I was in Shrewsbury and used contactless at a Council car park. It billed my card, got a notification on my phone, ticket was fine - thought no more of it. Later got a notification - charge reversed by merchant which I thought was odd. Still hasn’t re-appeared on starling yet.

Today a friend has taken the bus - same thing happened - got her to screengrab the notifications as attached. Anyone seen much of this over this weekend. Think the car park used VISA Paywave dunno about the friends bus this morning. M

Reversed by merchant

@StarlingSupport is there currently any issues with payments being reversed?


I had a payment reversed this morning at Costa. I’m using Curve with a credit card. There are reported problems through Curve, so this may well be processor thing rather than you card.

I’m still up one Flat-White at the moment :smirk:


Same here. And no Starling in sight so must be a processor issue.


Hi Rob

I was about to copy this over to the other thread :grinning:. I’m sure there’s no need to panic…:flushed:

Incidentally, the transaction doesn’t even show in my Curve feed…


I’ve just checked and it doesn’t appear in my Curve transaction list either, @graham. I might have gotten a free Miccy-D breakfast?! Although the receipt does show an authorisation code so won’t hold my breath!


Get it ate anyway…:+1:


Just a thought do all these cards use GPS for their processing.


On my Starling account, I had a reversal yesterday at about 6pm for my takeaway which was about £20, then my wife had a reversal from her Starling account for ~£5 at Co-Op, and this morning I’ve had Starling reversals for a ~£50 spend at Tesco (chip and pin verified) and a ~£5 at Greggs - all of those outlets normally work fine so I’m guessing there’s a Mastercard processor issue somewhere…

I believe that @Hannah is looking into these issues for us…


Yes, we are investigating these now. We will have an update shortly.


Curve certainly use GPS and I believe Starling do too. Interestingly, Curve issued an alert yesterday (Saturday) lunchtime which is still in force today.


Funny enough so have Revolut which I believe use GPS.


If Monzo is affected the issue is wider than GPS as I believe Monzo brought all their card processing in house.


They did Rob bring their processing in house. I have not see any announcement from Monzo or starling on issues for this.


It may be problems with a merchant acquirer rather than a bank’s card processor.


Had 2 payments before about 1.30pm yesterday go through fine, then 2 after about 3.30pm that had issues.

Didn’t try Starling for my weekly shop last night, probably the right decision…

Got to say though, there has been some unsavoury stuff and negativity in the community lately that made me doubt its usefulness and want to stay away, but this is what makes it great. A potentially worrying situation, especially to a worrier like me, made much more comfortable by seeing I’m not alone.

Also, customer service were helpful and reassuring yesterday.

Starling, great bank.


We are really sorry about this.

We have an intermittent fault with some of our cards which means a few transactions may get declined or reversed by the merchant. If you get a decline, please retry, if you get a reversal then the transaction has gone through and you have paid for your goods, if you have missing transactions then it will re-appear in a few days.

Once again sorry for this.


Also, the CEO being so involved in CS is ridiculous service. Thank you, Anne. Super impressive.


Five minutes ago at Pret Canary Wharf:

Two simultaneous notifications, showing original transaction then immediately ‘reversed by merchant’. I checked with the till receipt and that showed the transaction gone through.

I know Pret have re-presented transactions in the past, so I expect it to come from my account in the next few days.


10 minutes ago I made an online purchase. Then it was reversed. Just now it was taken again and reversed with 10 seconds.

I’m supposed to collect the goods in person after a 3 hour train journey and am unsure if when I get there I’ll be told they didn’t reserve the goods as payment hadn’t gone through.