Card Numbers rubbing off


Anyone else noticed that the card numbers on your physical card have come off very quickly? It’s now very hard to actually read the numbers on the card, but having the details in app is a huge bonus


Yes - my wife made that very comment about my card yesterday :slight_smile:


Yep - same here. Four months of light use has completely rubbed the silver off the numbers and letters.


Yes, mine has as well - although as an ‘early bird’ I’ve had mine since May. Really don’t know what you could do to stop it happening though.


While mine have rubbed off I still find it easy to read the embossed numvers against the purple background when I angle the card slightly, with other banks cards with different colour backgrounds I sometimes find that harder to do


I was just about to post that very point. :slightly_smiling_face:


Compared to other cards I’ve had in the past, the silver tipping does seem to wear off pretty fast.

I think I started to notice small bits of silver powder (the tipping) in my wallet within two weeks. I’m not too fussed as it’s still easy enough to read the card number.


there is a solution. Emboss it in reverse, i.e. not from the back of the card raising up the front but from the front down into the card so it raised on the back! Then you can fill the impressions with silver and as they are not raised they will not wear


I noticed this the other day. Mine is difficult to read now, especially in low light.

However my iPhone can still pick up the numbers on the “Scan Credit Card” feature, so go figure…


My Android also scans the Starling card numbers perfectly now the silver is worn off, but with some other bank cards it struggles to focus on them!


But then you might struggle to make a payment when the merchant whips out a manual ‘cher-ching’ imprinter, which needs the embossing for the carbon copy triplicate… :wink:


Heaven forbid :flushed:


Only one store in the whole shopping center I work in had one of these machines available when we had a site wide powercut once. They was the only store out of around 250 that could still take any payments. :wink:


I just booked a hire car in the us. Their terms stipulated payment by a credit card with raised lettering and numbering. Id imagine they’d have freaked out if it was raised on the back.