Card locking/security settings not clear


Hi all
The lock card / security settings aren’t clear to me

For example if I switch off ATM withdrawals (by toggling the option off) are withdrawals then instantly disabled? Or do I have to lock the card first for it to take effect?

If no then what does locking the card do? I think this needs an in app explanation



Card Lock is to lock the complete card if lost, stolen or misplaced, and will lock out all features.

I think the explanations withing the Security Controls is quite clear,that it locks out individual features and functions.

Not sure how much clearer they need to be


“Lock your card for ATM withdrawals”

To me this suggests you must lock the card for the setting to take effect. If it said “Toggle ATM withdrawals on and off here” it would make sense


The unclear wording in this screen has been brought up before

But it is being looked at, so hopefully we’ll get an update soon :crossed_fingers:


It may just be me, however, I still do not fully understand what the toggling and lock settings need to be to achieve something.

For example, I rarely carry my card as I use the Android Pay feature, so, if the “Card Present” toggle is blue on the “Security Controls” screen, and I select “Lock” on the “Your Card” screen, does that mean the physical card cannot be used or can?

The toggle is headlined “Card Present”. Unclear to me whether blue means it needs to be present or not when Lock activated.

Have searched for tutorial, however, none appear to exist.


This has been raised previously and I believe the plan is to simplify the narrative. That right @JamesPratley?


Good to hear @Graham, thank you.

I am sure that it is a useful feature. I just believe that is in important to make it clear to users what the toggles and Lock actually mean so that they don’t get inconvenienced or embarrassed in store when their card fails to work due to incorrect settings.


That’s absolutely right @Graham. This will be clearer soon! :slight_smile:


Ta-da! This should do it… :tada:




Downloaded the android update and perfectly clear now what lock state the phone/card is in as you toggle.

Thank you very much Starling for not only listening, but actually acting too.

Sure to be appreciated by many, not just myself.



Hi there - I’ve just signed up for Starling, and am also finding the lock status and security controls confusing, despite the fact these have apparently already been updated for clarity.

If I click “security” everything is off by default - does this mean my card can’t be used in this status, either with a physical card or using Apple Pay?

I can’t quite work out if the “Mobile Wallet” option refers to using Apple Pay or something else? Thing is, when I select that to unlocked (or change any security setting, for that matter) and then close the security settings, the first circular icon now suggests that my card is locked. Can’t work out why that happens - does that mean that even though things are unlocked within the security screen, they’re actually locked globally because the “lock” circle is purple?

To add to the confusion, directly above all of this it says “your card is now enabled for Apple Pay” regardless of how I toggle things, so I really am getting mixed messages all over the place!

Personally, I’d suggest one screen showing all of the toggles, with a “lock/unlock all” button that then switches all of the individual toggles. At the moment, it really is very confusing, and I’m a web designer/developer, so I’m used to trying to make sense of confusing interfaces!


Hi @primalanomaly - firstly welcome to Starling! If you have just joined us your physical card will be on it’s way in the post and should be with you in 2-3 days. In the meantime you can add your card, which exists as a virtual version too, to your mobile wallet instantly so you can start to spend using Starling right away.

If you’re using iOS ‘mobile wallet’ refers to it refers to Apple Wallet/Apple Pay.

The reason that all of the security settings are currently toggled off by default is probably because your physical card is not yet activated (as you haven’t received it). Once you activate your card in app these settings will be possible to change.

If however you add your card to your wallet now (by tapping the Add the wallet button on iOS) your security setting for mobile wallets will automatically toggle on as you will have activated your card to be used in your mobile wallet.

I hope this helps you navigate the screen a bit more, thank you for your feedback as there are always improvements we can make.



I just signed up and found this all very confusing too. The “mobile wallet” language is not clear. And I was really confused by “Location Based Fraud Protection”, mostly because this is off by default and it seems like something that should be on by default, so is there some kind of risk to turning it on? And what happens if I turn it on? Longer help text on this screen is definitely needed - perhaps expandable/toggle-able with help icons to show the descriptions?


Welcome :wave:

“Mobile Wallet” refers to Apple Pay, which you can use to pay in any store that supports contactless payments by holding your phone to the card reader while having your finger on the hume button / fingerprint sensor (Touch ID, pre-iPhone X) or using Face ID. Not sure why Location-based Fraud Prevention is off by default though. I assyume that Starling will assess the likelihood of a transaction being fraudulent, and one way to enhance their capability to do this is by periodically sending location data to Starling - so if someone uses a cloned copy of your card in the U.S. while you were reported to be in the UK 5 minutes ago, it will be declined immediately.


Yeah, I know that Mobile Wallet = Apple Pay now, but I don’t think the language is clear enough.

They should be aware of where transactions take place - the location of the terminal should be known. I guess turning this on would link the app/smartphone’s location to the transactions location or something, as you described. But would be good to know what it does. The default “off” status seems to imply that there’s some downside to turning it on.


This is an amazing feature and sells itself!!