Card Lock Screen


@Kris - quick suggestion. I’ve just been looking at the new card screen and the animation when the card is locked.

When the card is locked, the card fades with an opaque effect and a slider moves over which looks great. This locks all payment types. This is the main override.

However, when the card is locked in this fashion, when you browse the ‘Card Controls’ all the sliders are showing as ‘active’. This is kind of giving me conflicting information. Are they locked or not? This is how they look when the main ‘Card Lock’ has been activated.

Perhaps it would be better if after the full lock that the individual sliders automatically moved to mirror the main ‘lock’. Maybe the should either slide over to the ‘deactivated’ state or show as opaque as the main lock screen? I think maybe this would provide more clarity and a better user experience. What do you think?


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