Card doesn’t work on French motorways


Just tried to use my starting card at a toll gate just outside Marseille. I’ve never had a problem with ANY card in the past, but the first time I try Starling…REFUSED.
of course I had another card which worked so no biggie, but it’s niggles like this that continue to make Starling less than a “full banking” offering.
@StarlingSupport what’s to be done??


Sorry to hear this. Please get in touch with our customer service team via in-app chat; we have a process for investigating these issues and raising them directly with Mastercard.


Some feedback from fellow Starling users.


Have tried the chat but it always gets disconnected in the middle and each new agent who comes on the line can’t see the history.
Why is this chat function so broken? I’m surprised from a regulatory standpoint that you don’t keep an accessible version of communications with customers.


Brad, chat timeouts has been resolved.


@Joe_Merriman I don’t know why you say that with such confidence when I just said that’s exactly what is happening to me right now.


Okay! @StarlingSupport to investigate.


Definitely still some work to do on this facility, but this below isn’t the case. If one agent line drops out for whatever reason, that chat can be retrieved by another.


Starling card, magnetic stripes require mandatory authorisation, so if the toll was using the magstripe I can imagine it not working.


Hi @Brad_T!

It seems to be a rather common occurrence in France sadly. I have dealt with a few cases where tollbooths and pay-at-pumps decline our cards. We do raise each occurrence in the attempts to get it resolved. Nobody likes their card declining!

The toll booths don’t seem to have the most up to date MasterCard BIN range, this then leads the booths/POS terminals to fail to see our cards as valid. That’s where the decline comes in.

I hope the rest of your trip in France goes well :fr:


It’s a very important issue for me. We visit France every year and I want to be able to use my card.


If this is true @Graham then why did I have the experience today? I think on this forum that’s about reporting issues, other users should avoid negating other users statements.


Thanks Logan- helpful explanation.


No intention to negate anything, @Brad_T.

I had a similar situation as you and when I began to re-state the problem I’d previously found, the agent explained that he could retrieve my previous chat text. So I fear you were misinformed (ie the agent wasn’t aware of the capability).


Yes, Starling staff have stated before that Customer Service staff can retrieve past enquiry threads.


Sadly it is out of our hands. Although they’ve had the instruction from MasterCard to update their BIN files over 12 months ago, they don’t comply.

It will only improve over time as the merchants will be forced to update their files :+1:t3:


@Brad_T have you updated the app to the latest version? This chat issue was always a problem but a fix was included in the last update, which is what @Joe_Merriman was referring to.

If it’s not working properly for you in the latest version of the app then hopefully @StarlingSupport can investigate.


Yep-on current version @danmullen.


I used my Starling card for this exact purpose in France last week and had no problems at any of the 8 toll booths I passed through.


I found exactly the same. I was in France all last week and Sanef in the north and Vinci further down worked for me, i just presumed i’d been the lucky one.