Card Design


what about a survey so we can comment on different card designs? THAT would be a really gratifying surprise.


I have three Starling bank cards, one personal, one jointed and one business cards. They look the same and it is confusing sometimes. I do not care about personalise cards. It would be great to at least separated out different bank cards!


We’re way ahead of you, @Christina_Hsieh! :slightly_smiling_face:


OOOOOH! This is the least vague thing said so far on this subject… Still horrifically vague, but could it mean @LoganAllan knows something about different card designs that he’s keeping to himself… Who knows? Probably no one but the great man himself, but I’m enjoying speculating none the less… :joy::joy::joy:


Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. I guess we’ll never know :upside_down_face:


Man, I’m not sure if someone mentioned personalised cards as an option earlier than @Christina_Hsieh but I’d love to be able to personalise the front of my cards. I remember being super envious as a kid when the ads for personalised bank cards were on TV…

If this pipe dream was ever possible I’d keep the standard design for my main bank card, put some of my own art on the business card and should I ever convince the fella to get a joint account, a nice photo of us both on those ones…