Card Design


I don’t love the card design.

It feels like old school natwest and a bit of a rip off the old switch logo on it. It looks miles better on the top left of the forum where is has a bit of room and looks more modern.

Any chance of any other designs in future.

Plus if you get round to second accounts (which you should) can we have different options between the two so there’s not two identical cards.

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I would like Acc & Sc on the card


The design on the Funding page of the app would be a great card design.


Agree, it looks a bit dated / old school.

Ideally there’d be a choice of three different designs or even just colours. Something completely original/breakaway like a teal design, would help set Starling apart from regular banks.


The card design is subtle which is really great but agree about having a number of designs to choose from/perhaps just one overall design but available in a number of different colour choices?!


I don’t think it’s the card that sets Starling apart from the legacy banks! I think their account / app does that already!


You’re right, but one might as well have the branding correspond with that and back it up! Just see how people talk/act about lumo orange of Monzo…


Love this idea!


I know there are possibly some security concerns. but I would prefer the sort-code as well as the account number to be printed on the card.

In terms of the rest of the design, it’s nothing special - but also not particular unpleasant either.

There is something to be said about having a standard bold card design that all customers have (instead of a variety of cards) as when the card is used, it increases the brand awareness of the person accepting it as well as the bank customer.

What might be handy though - maybe have the actual Starling Bank lettering and the logo in a glow in the dark ink. So, if you’re trying to use it in a bar it’s easier to see that particular card compared to all the others and you don’t end up trying to pay with the Nectar card…(esp. after a few drinks!)


I can get my sort code and account number from the app. Prefer having one less bit of information in other peoples hands if I lose my card.

Definitely agree that the card could do with a more eye catching design. I’d caution against using matt finish cards though. The leather of my wallet can rub off in it and it looks tired and worn out then.


I can’t take full credit for this, I saw it on a forum somewhere, either here or the Monzo forum.

I like the design though, better than the current card. I’ve always thought that image a little incongruous in the app, why is it the only page with an image?


Good point yes but I’m sure at some point the card design will change. :crossed_fingers:


You can always allow what Barclays do and personalise it :slight_smile: -


When Android and Apple Pay hit you’ll not be looking at your cards. I quite like the idea of a retro looking card alongside a modern banking solution.


Except for everywhere that still doesn’t support it! :roll_eyes:


I also like the current design. I think it stands out from all my other cards as it is. If there was one thing I could change and that would be not having any of the account information on the front of the card, rather having it on the back. I have a credit card which is like this and it works very well see below scroll down for card pictures. I’m a sucker for a gimmeck


I’ve had quite a few people ask about my card, not as much as my Monzo card I must admit. My Monzo card will be going however :wink:


I reckon it’s testament to how much this community is getting stuck into all the meaty current account features, that the focus on cosmetics is so light. Unlike elsewhere…:flushed:


Haha I’d much prefer they focus on core features, not the card just yet


Too right. :+1: