Card Delivery Times


thanks Joe, do you have any idea if the turn around time is swift for the card delivery, i would be so disappointed if i dosent arrive on time

Welcome to the community

I believe they are shipped 1st class, hopefully someone from @StarlingSupport can give an indication on delivery for you :smile::crossed_fingers:


thanks again, i will hassle someone now!


They’ll reach out to you.


in what way?..!


On the community, in-app perhaps. Of course get in touch with them if you want.


We’re here. Give us a shout and we can tell you the dispatch date of you card :slightly_smiling_face:


Logan to the rescue! nice one picking this up real quick!


hi Logan, thanks…
my app tells me its to be dispatched tommorrow, but im panicking a bit that it wont arrive before i leave



I requested my card in the last few days but it has only come up as dispatched today - will it arrive in time for my holiday on Sunday?



Mine actually arrived on the date it says it was dispatched.


I have twice in the past recieved my card on the day it says “dispatched” in app. I’d guess that the card will arrive either today or tomorrow.


Hey Brent,

You should receive it before Sunday. Dispatched today gives it 2 extra postal days to get to you :slightly_smiling_face: