Card degradation notification


I see there is a card degradation again for online and shops. Could you please send a notification through app to let us know for future problems.


This is made worse by disabling the status page notifications, especially if Starling aren’t going to send a push notification. I’m still extremely disappointed that Starling silently disabled status page notifications and it has damaged my trust somewhat.


Interesting that Monzo isn’t reporting an issue but the biggest thing for me here is not only are notifications turned off, there’s no information on the Status Page at all other than it might not be working


Agree with comments above. Reliability of card is essential as are push notifications to flag card issues. Like others, I’ve had a niumber of declines / reversals and cannot switch until service is dependable.


Is anyone actually having issues at the moment. Maybe the page is a red herring. I have to admit I haven’t been using mine for a couple of days because I found out Santander are doing 5% cashback on Android Pay at the moment so I’ve been hammering it and transferring the money afterwards! If only I could top up my Starling Account with Android Pay!


It would be interesting to know why - and agree this should also be handled through the app as a push notification.

However, this is a beta, and I go into it with the expectation that not everything will operate correctly all of the time.


Just used my card to pay my credit card for something I bought in shops and it worked.


That it’s a beta is understood. Even more reason to reduce the mean time between failures as much as possible on core functionality before rolling out the bells and whistles.


Our status is updated a due to performance of our services this afternoon. We are working to address them. These have not had customer wide impact.


Starling is a bank and card processing relies on multiple technologies. It is not black and white, working or not working, and today, we have probably been a bit too enthusiastic about setting the status to amber. Sorry if we have worried you unnecessarily but if you have been disrupted today then I apologise.


My Starling card has been working fine.


Mine has been working fine all afternoon and tonight…


@anne, I can’t speak for everyone, but I do value the transparency of all issues being made clear on the status page. If anything, what Starling needs is more transparency, so please don’t take this incident as evidence that Starling should reduce the amount of notices they post.

Would it be possible to comment on why the notifications were disabled on the status page? This is one of the few things Starling have done that appears to be very underhanded. I understand there may be costs associated with some notifications, but this does not appear to be an issue for competitors.


I’m going to be “that guy” (not trying to be disrespectful) but whilst the transparency and honest from Starling is great and the outages are fairly small in length of time, without push notifications on outages I really don’t think I could use Starling as my “main account”.

I understand that Starling is built on new technologies and so on but if I had a push notification that said “We are currently experiencing outages” or something similar then I could happily use a different card and then carry on using Starling when the outage is fixed. Monzo does this better in my opinion.
The possibility though of going to pay with Starling and then being declined due to an outage really puts me off using it for now as I’ve never had that issue with my legacy bank.
I don’t feel I should have to be checking status pages and so on, the fact the other people have had issues with the status pages also doesn’t feel me with confidence.

I get that Starling is a new bank and is essentially still a “Beta” but I think if people are being encourage to switch completely this issue needs to be addressed. Just my two cents


Please please can we have in app notifications when there is an issue with starling now the status page notifications have gone. Please @sarah.guha


@sarah.guha any more news on having in app notifications when there are issues with the system.


This would be useful if possible.


We have a mechanism in app to communicate with you if there is a reason to. It works in a similar way to when there are new terms to accept, or if you need to update the app to a newer version. We know you prefer push notifications over SMS and we’ll be looking to broaden the methods we use to communicate with you.


Push notifications are definitely the way to go, its a no brainer and what everyone commenting on is agreeing on. If Starling is supposed to be a ‘mobile’ only bank, its needs to communicate everything that would affect us, the customers, immediately through the mobile app via a simple push notification. Transparency is essential.


Agreed 100%: Push notifications and transparency.