Card declined?


So I went to use my starling card in Tesco and it declined, then didn’t even show up on my feed? Strange :flushed:


Contactless and chip & pin?



Then tried with my nationwide card by contactless and worked


Did you not try chip & pin before using nationwide? after so many transactions my Starling card requires the pin to be entered.


Mine declined yesterday night contactless also, nothing on the feed either - should there be for declined?


Declined transactions do not appear.


Unless they are declined because of a lack of funds…


Have you reported it to customer services?


I had similar at the weekend, albeit at an ATM. After contacting CS, I was asked if I wouldn’t mind checking my card security settings. Sure enough, I’d turned “ATM Withdrawals” off! :man_facepalming:

So it may be worth checking the “Card Present” setting, just in case it’s been toggled off by accident :slightly_smiling_face:


Fiddling around with my phone on the train. Hey presto!! Same here :flushed:

The security works :+1:


Oops, this was also why my card didn’t work in Amsterdam I think…

A suggestion to Starling - Is it possible to send a notification in the event of a declined transaction? This would both serve as a reminder if it’s down to security settings on the card as well as be a useful indicator of attempted fraudulent activity?


Hi all. I’m going to close this thread, as the idea of showing declined and reversed transactions in the feed has already come up a few times. :slight_smile: