Card declined in ASDA


My Starling card was declined in Asda today both with touch and pay and the pin code, I know it works as I spent some in another shop a few minutes before, and had checked my balance to see all was ok.

It was my first time in Asda and I am wondering has anyone else had any problems?


Not had issues in Asda but didn’t try today. Have you asked CS? If you give them the time it happened they might be able to check if there was an issue at the time.


Thanks will try them.


Surprised to hear that. I will ask at work and find out if there are any issues. There should be no problem as far as I know. I have known Asda systems can slow down slightly when they get really busy. My card is coming tomorrow - then I will try it and report


Thanks Hans, I know my local Asda was having problems last week with their system. When it declined luckily I brought my Lloyds card with me and that went through ok. Hopefully it was just their system playing up.


Yes I think its possible. I work in a supermarket and last week - I think one afternoon there was an issue. I would take it as a one off an it should be okay. The system is updated regularly - I guess all supermarkets do the same system updating and now and again things don’t run as smooth as they should.


Ok so update, tried again in Asda today and Android pay wouldn’t work (even with help from an Asda cashier) but touch and pay did work. Will try with Apple pay and see how it goes.


Thanks for the update @Woollymasters - once done, can you please share this with CS in app?
That way we can raise acceptance issues correctly.


Hi. Maybe your payment was declined due to verifone issues…


Will do Patrick, as it went through ok with touch and pay, I am trying to see if it is a NFC problem or google play acting up my end. Will update after trying on my Iphone.


Thanks for the link, it is possible it may have hit part of the service although the touch and pay worked ok. As it’s a new account I am trying out different places, hopefully soon all smooth sailing and I can hopefully switch over to Starling fully.