“Card data not available...”


Posting on behalf of my neighbour here (who has ironically not had much luck contacting anyone via CS in app).

Her and her other half of just opened a joint account but are having difficulties trying to order a card. She’s tried at work, at home, on WiFi, not on WiFi, etc. but continues to receive the same message. It’s the same on her other half’s phone.

I’ve never heard of or seen this on the forum before. I’m not sure whether anyone from @StarlingSupport can either get in touch with her and/or provide some insight into why this is happening.


I’ve contacted support regarding this, in app. As I am having the same with the business account.

The response I got:

CS: Hi there.
CS: I do apologise about this, this is an issue that others have also experienced and has been reported to the be looked into very shortly
CS: If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us!
CS left the chat

So, there you have it. All sorted. Thanks. Bye.


Thanks for that information.
So obviously their technical guys are looking in to it.
If it is a problem on their servers they will sort it out in house, if it is an issue of a bug in the app they do tend to roll out updates with fixes in quite quickly.
Hopefully someone can update this thread when the matter is resolved!


Yes, certainly useful to know it’s been investigated and, as @MIROW says, it would be great if this thread could be updated when the issue is resolved.


I managed to use a spare Android phone to order the physical card. The error isn’t there on Android. Just iOS.

Once I did that, the iOS app started to look a little more as I would expect. Although adding to Apple Wallet doesn’t work - the button does nitto. (I’ve also removed the company name).

I’m not sure it is being looked into yet - “…looked into very shortly” does not suggest it is actively being looked into right now.

Additionally, I’m sure CS could have ordered a card for me and for others. That offer just wasn’t on the table and the agent “left the chat”.


Add to Apple Wallet is an issue on 0.55 :frowning:


I have also flagged this thread for the attention of staff so that someone will notice it.


Fix should arrive in 0.56.


Hey @CPM

We are aware of this issue and we’re getting it fixed as it does prevent the person from ordering a card. Any chance you can DM me the name of your neighbour so I can follow up on the chat she had?

@Lewys the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button will be fixed in the next app update


Thanks for picking this up @LoganAllan.


Can CS Push the cards to peoples Apple wallet or is it just a case of waiting for the next app release. I saw it mentioned earlier 0.56 has been sent to Apple for approval but would be useful to know nonetheless


If the card arrive before 0.56, just add to apple wallet in the standard way


Hi Brian,
you can also add your card (once physically available) to Apple Wallet the (old fashioned) way - by going into the wallet and using the top right blue “+” button.


So I’m guessing that’s a no.

What I was trying to get an answer to is “are those waiting for a new card stuck until either the physical card arrives or 0.56 ships?”

It’s quite important because normally if you order a new card you can use Apple Pay until the physical card arrives.

I’ve read all the forum posts about this and it’s not clear


I’m afraid not. We can only provision the card to the Wallet when you’re prompted to contact the card issuer


thank you for the clarification