Can't make payments from business account


Can’t transfer any payments out of my new business acc. I just get the message “An error has occurred. We were unable to process your request”
Personal is working fine. Hope this gets fixed very quickly!
Spoke to support and they suggested reinstalling payee and then the app, but alas no help :frowning:


@Donogh_M Have you had a word with customer services in app yet? Hopefully they will be able to look into this and fix it for you.

Oh… and keep us updated with how it goes. :smile:

EDIT: Ooopppsss… Speedread, I see you’ve contacted them already! Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


I spoke on the phone and they said its affecting others too. Just hope its sorted sharpish!


Hi @Donogh_M. I’m speaking to our CS team on your behalf to resolve the issue. We will get back to you in-app soon.


Hi @Donogh_M. This should now be fixed. Thanks.


Wow! Thats all working now, brilliant service guys!!


No worries. Contact us if you have any other questions and feel free to share Starling for Business with anyone else you may feel its suitable for!


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