Can't have two scheduled payments to one goal


I’m struggling to understand why I am not permitted to have two (or more) scheduled goal payments at one time(?)

I have a £1 daily payment set up to save to my holiday goal. But I have just tried to schedule a one-off payment to the same goal and have been advised that this new scheduled saving will replace the current rule.

Maybe I’m being pedantic, but why?


I like your goal image :smile:


It’s becoming an obsession!


Dont change the frequency, just add the amount you wish to add and press send. Although I can see that you cant then schedule this for a date in the future.


I know that you can do that, but the point is that I want it to be scheduled and I see no reason for this not being possible.


Hi @LauraJ, thanks for your feedback and your use case. For now we wanted to keep the feature straight forward but I can definitely see this being something to add when we further develop goals and give you the ability to edit existing scheduled payments.


Hi @sarah.guha. Thanks for your response. I’m just not entirely sure why goal payments can’t be implemented in the same way as a standing order? They’re all listed in the same area and look to have the same function.


I don’t disagree with you, just one to think about and do.