Can't download the app from Germany


I have a UK based business, but I live in Germany. So I have a German accounts for iCloud and Google. I can’t download the app with German accounts. It is not so easy to change the country as I have to provide a UK address, but I don’t have any UK address. What should I do?


If you don’t have a UK address, you won’t be able to open a Starling account anyway, even if you have the app. You have to live in the UK to have a Starling account.

You can change your app store settings on both Google and iTunes but that still won’t change the issue with needing a UK address.


Does your company not have a U.K. based address?


I wonder if you can open a UK business account when based abroad, not seen that question before actually.


I asked support today if I could open a business account, if I live in another country. They said that it is possible, if there is only one person with significant control.

My business is in the UK and registered with Companies House. I don’t need a personal account. Only a business account. So, could I open a business account or not? If yes, how could a resolve the issue with apps download?


Hi @franko , you can create a UK iTunes account with a different email address.

Follow these steps, and then you can download the Starling app.


I have a UK and a US iTunes Account. Just create a new account and set any address you like, as long as when you set payment type you set it to none.

It’ll work just fine that way