Can't change bank with employer


So my employer uses a service called nga hr to deal with things like holiday and bank details. I’ve tried to change my bank details online to starling but it is saying invalid sort code. I’m presuming their system is out of date?

I’ve contacted hr but I’m not very hopeful. They expect us to do everything via this online service.


contact NGA HR then
Tel 0800 035 0545


I’ll try but it looks like they’re only interested in their clients.


Hi, Unfortunately in this case your employer or nga is using an out of date sort code list. You will need to continue to address this with them, but I will flag it to our ops team too to see if there is anything they can do.


Thank you for the reply. I will let hr know so they can tell them. I’ve started the switch process as well but just presumed it would be fine.


If you have selected the full switch don’t worry, the guarantee includes a redirection service so even if your employer sends it to your old bank account it will be redirected to your Starling account.

If however you have selected to only transfer payments over to Starling, this will only move your out-going payments not incoming and so you will need to resolve this manually with your employer to have your salary paid into your Starling account.

Welcome onboard by the way, and thanks for making us your main account :slight_smile:


Its absolutely ridiculous that payroll providers / companies use out of date Sort Code lists! This needs to change. Fingers crossed it will be fine @Ryan


Well I’ve spoke to my manager who said I need to fill out a form tomorrow. Sadly I think the company I work for is doing hr on the cheap and this is why the system is so bad. I’m not very hopeful but I will happily complain until it’s sorted. They need to get with the times!

That reminds me, I should look for another job :rofl:


What industry do you work in?


Digital data and document processing :smile:

Sadly my company is very old fashioned in my view. Mostly paper based work so I’m not confident it will even exist in 10 years. Even though we are meant to be doing everything online now the system provided by nga hr is so bad and unreliable we still have to fill out forms for everything.


NGA HR provide systems to some pretty big companies


I work for a very big company but how can they defend not updating their sort codes? Unless it’s my employer specifically and not nga hr. I don’t know how it works.

It will be interesting to see how they deal with this considering their online system doesn’t work with starling.

Also nga hr has completely ignored me. I presume it will have to be my company that forces the issue.


My employer uses nga hr, my salary is paid to Starling account set up was no issue. You’d hope the nga would have one sort code db.


That’s interesting, maybe it’s the specific employer that has to request the update. Looks like I’ll be forcing my employer to do an update then :joy:


I had the same issue, but I just contacted my HR department and they added Starling’s sort code, or whatever it is they do. Your HR department will be able to get it added. Just depends on how fast or slow they are at doing these requests.


Well i’ve filled out the form today and it was sent to hr so we’ll see what happens.


So spoke to hr and payroll. Payroll have said:

“I have requested NGA our payroll provider set this account up and change Ryans details directly”

Don’t think they know what to do themselves but they’re trying to be fair.


Checked the online service and it’s done :smiley:


That’s great news, pleased that’s been sorted.


Fantastic - glad to hear it Ryan!