Can't access scheduled payments & payees


Has anyone had this? I can’t see my direct debits & standing order.
In app chat have said they are looking to fix but no time frame as yet.


Mine appears to have vanished as well.


here as well, the screen presents a message saying unable to access server.

I will log a call in in app chat as well. It usually helps support teams when they know how widespread an issue is…


Mine gone also


Logged with CS - Chloe confirmed developers working on it now.


Chloe was who told me.


Hopefully it’s just a display issue and not a wider payment problem.

I have a bunch of payments (DD and SO) which go out in a few hours (1st).


Kim just replied confirming the payments won’t be affected.

That is re-assuring! :slight_smile:


They’ve confirmed payments not affected - will still go out as planned.


It is that!
Thought it was really odd when I looked tonight. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you log onto your bank after a few :beer: And can’t / imagine you can’t see things!


I don’t drink but I will take your word for it. :wink:

I do like the occasional non-alcoholic Shloer.

I’m really quite dull. :frowning:


I just queried the API and scheduled payments are showing just fine on there.

Must be an app only issue.


Working again.


Missed that glad to know payments working as I have dds due out 1st.