Cannot enter email while creating account on iPad


I tried to create a Starling account using my iPad. At the point where I was asked to enter my email address (immediately after DoB) I was unable to get the focus into that field. As a consequence I was unable to progress my application.

I switched to my iPhone (SE) and had no trouble at all. So I suspect this is an issue with the iPad version of the app.

It’s an iPad Mini 2 (32GB), on iOS 11.2.6 (15D100).


Hi, sorry to hear about the issues creating an account on the iPad. The Starling app is not built specifically for iPad, so I would recommend using an iPhone. I would also recommend your iOS software is updated on iPad.

I have copied in @StarlingSupport so they are aware.


I would guess the official response would be that the iPad isn’t supported as Starling is mobile-only. I know it works (to a certain extent) but it’s clearly not aimed at iPad and I doubt the team do any testing on that platform.


If it’s a problem on iPad it’ll likely be an issue on 3.5in devices also as it uses the same ratio


I have experienced issues with the iPhone SE in the past - a 4” screen. Recently any encountered issues are usually relatively minor so I suspect the development team are now testing on the 4” devices too, but they never used to. Clearly the majority of the development work is designed for the larger screens (iPhone 6 and later).

As @TTTJJ states, iPhone emulation on iPad currently supports the original iPhone screen layouts (iPhone 3/3G/4/4S). Good news though - at WWDC18 Apple stated iOS 12 will introduce the iPhone 5/5S/SE screen layout on iPad. That should arrive in the autumn.


I will wait for the official response, obviously. I believe it is straightforward to restrict downloads from Apple’s AppStore to avoid the unsupported devices problem. So my assumption is that, even though it is not a tier 1 platform for Starling, defects on the iPad are still of interest - especially as Bunq do support it.

I also note that the Starling FAQ might need revising if only mobile phones are supported and you need iOS 11.4

What are the Minimum OS requirements to download the app?
If you have an iOS device, the requirement to download the app is iOS 9.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you have an Android device, the requirement is 5.0 or later.


@StarlingSupport can you please provide an official answer as to whether or not you support running the Starling app on an iPad?

I suspect not.


If you search the App Store on iPad, does Starling app appear? or has is synced to your iPad from your iPhone via iCloud?


I suspect it was sync’d via iCloud. Good point.


@Joe_Merriman it may be that Starling haven’t set any restriction on it, so it’s possible it’s available. However, if they don’t test on the iPad then I doubt they’ll support it.

Think we need an official response to this one.


I do not have an iPad to search on, it should not be visible in the App Store for iPad IMO.


It’s not visible on a standard app search. On an iPad you can search for any install iPhone-only apps. They’ll run but at a strange resolution, seemingly issues will be resolved in iOS 12 as @Rob mentioned.

It works fine for me but it’s just the standard iPhone app, it’s not optimised for iPad. It’s nice to have just in case my phone isnt around.


I think lots of iPad users would love a universal version of the Starling app which includes iPad-optimisation. I suspect the devs have quite a few other irons in the fire before they’ll have time for that. Kind of a shame as I use iPad too, but we have to be realistic here - there are shed-loads of other things they’ll want to sort out first that will benefit a lot more users (notification overhaul springs to mind).

That said, business users might find iPad-optimisations even more useful than personal/joint account holders.


I would hope that any tablet version of the app that may or may not surface in the future would be available to Android users too. An iPad app would be no use to me but a version that works on Google Chromebooks would be great.


@danmullen, I completely agree regarding Android tablets. I only limited my comments to iPad as that is explicitly listed on the Starling FAQ.


Hi @sfkleach

We aren’t testing the Starling app on iPad at the moment and have no plans for a tablet app in the near future. Whilst I will raise this with the team, it won’t be prioritised.

As the app worked as expected on your iPhone SE, can you attempt to login on your iPad rather than attempt the signup process and let me know how that goes?