Can’t scan to add extra phone!


Can anyone give me any tips on how to scan the code so I can add another phone to my account?
I have attempted over 10 scans, they come back with a blank page and a X saying invalid.

I launch the camera on the new phone, but it seems to take the scan immediately, so can’t always get the code in.
Ok, I decide add the code manually, do the long code and get the same message: invalid code, well I have now worn down my battery🙈
Help please…


Hi @Kitty_W the QR code expires in a few seconds and a new one will need to be generated.

The other option is to use the mobile number linked to your account and password to log in on your new device.

If you still can’t get this to work, you can get in touch with us via the website.


Thanks Patrick, is there a knack to scan the qr code? Soon as the camera picks it up, it clicks! Hate being :confused: defeated.
Can see myself contacting customer services.
Thanks again💁🏻