Can’t cancel standing order


Everyone I cancel a standing order it disappears from the list but when I refresh it it reappears. I thought it was due to the 12hour clock bug but it isn’t as it’s doing it with the latest update. What can I do to cancel it before the next time it is due to come out? Thanks.


Does it say “Cancelled” ?


No it didn’t. But apparently I was wrong about the 24 hour bug. When I set it back to 24hour and not 12 hour it worked and they have been cancelled.


I was just about to say that. They are aware and investigating the issue.


Yes this is still outstanding, we’re working on a fix. The new release resolved the issue with the transaction feed not showing only.

Update you soon.


They are all back now. Need fix ASAP as I have to cancel these. Is there a way I can cancel them before Monday.


Any chance you could get in touch with us through customer service in the app? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi @Tyler_Nash this fix has been made and tested and we hope to release it early next week. If you are worried your standing order has not been cancelled please contact CS who can do this for you.