Can’t Assign Category


Hi all,

I’ve tried searching for this in the forums but can’t seem to see anyone else has had this issue. For two payments made on the same day (one even with the same merchant) it has not automatically assigned a category. For some, it has. I am unable to update this from the app.

Just wondering if anyone is able to shed light on this.



It’s a known bug. I raised it with CS the other week. It’s happened with a few transactions of mine since I raised it, too. It does fix itself after a few days. I’m using Android, whereas it seems you’re on iOS, but that’s exactly how the bug looks for me, so it must be the same issue.

You should contact CS about it so that it’s logged :slight_smile:


That’s useful to know it should sort out in a few days. Will report it. Cheers.


I experienced the same problem during a road trip to France, but only for some transactions. However once the transaction had settled (i.e. was no longer showing as pending in-app), a category could be assigned as usual.