Can’t add payee photo


Ok. Must be thick this evening but I can’t add a picture to a payee. iOS 11.4. Latest app

I select a payee. Click the eclipse, choose edit. There is a camera icon on the edit page but pressing it does nothing.

What am I doing wrong?


Works fine for me (just tried it).

I’m using an iPhone X on iOS12 beta 2.


Hmm. Do you have a personal and joint account? Only thing that has changed for me recently is the joint.


Nope, just the personal account.


Doesn’t work on either account for me


Hey, I’ve just tried and works for me. Personal and joint account. iOS 11.4 iPhone 8 Plus.


I’m an 8. Wtf am I doing wrong? Were my steps correct?


Doh! No access to camera or photos in setting :man_facepalming: Told you I was being thick!


We’ve all been there :slight_smile: glad it’s sorted!


Is marking your own answer to your own question bad form? :rofl:


Not if you figured out the answer!