Can’t access customer support messages


Hi, just wanted to report something that may not necessarily be a bug but more of a poorly thought out process.

I had to submit some additional documents to verify my identity so my app has been locked to the screen in the attached screenshot for a week or so. This morning I had the chance to submit the documents and shortly afterwards got two push notifications to say I had a new message from customer service. The only trouble is that I can’t see the messages because the only screen that is accessible to me is the one saying you need more information.

What can I do to see the messages that have been sent? I was expecting that I’d also receive an email but nothing has arrived as yet.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for flagging this Daniel.

Right now when we send customers an email, it also sends a notification to the app.

We understand it is not possible to access messages from this section of the app, and have some changes coming soon to improve the account opening process.

For now, I have resent you the email :grinning:


I have exactly the same problem. A message popped up on my iPhone screen saying I had a message but it was not there when I logged into the Bank’s app.


Hi @katemjames!

Do you have both a personal and business account by any chance?