Can significant customer data be collected through forums?


I thought I’d ask this here, as the balance is generally a little more sane :joy:.

I may be very cynical, but I’ve noticed a lot of “purchase” related questions on… other forums?

What car do you drive? What was the last bit of tech you bought? Etc etc…

It feels to me like one big data collection of customers and their spending habits, but I would have thought this information would be available anyway?

Am I just being a miserable old cynic? Anyone else who happens to frequent the other forums have any thoughts?


lol I think you are just being a cynic.

Generally though data can easily be collected through a forum, especially if they allow the search bots to crawl them, because they its possible just using Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to put information from a number of sources together quickly.

A number of forums don’t allow the bots to crawl them, so still possible to put data together but it’s more complicated, and quite often not even worth the hassle.


:joy: definitely a cynic!

But curious at the same time!


It’s just a very active chatty community ! :slight_smile:


I would hazard a guess at no however it’s not compulsory to take part in discussions, share notes about spending habits, etc. so even if data was harvested I have ultimately made the decision to put it into a public forum.


at least here people doesn’t ask what you drive or the latest piece of tech you bought :wink:


Not gonna lie, that’s why i remain a lurker on ‘other forums’. It creeps me out to be blunt, all this ‘whats your favourite TV programme?’ and ‘tell me about your car’ type things. Being overly suspicious my first thought was ‘why on earth would they want to know that? And why would anyone tell them in a public forum?’, which i appreciate is probably me being way too cynical about people just trying to chat with each other online, but yeah… not for me.


Hello :wave:

This isn’t something we do, we just like general chit-chat and I bought a car :woman_shrugging:


Bit old now but a Maserati Gran Tourismo MC Stradale Centenial Edition and a Samsung Galaxy.


lol! I’m sure you’re lovely @BethS, but you appearing here in about half a second has made me 10x more creeped out than before :joy::joy::joy:


I shared it over there ha


Job here is done :sunglasses:

joke it was linked


Yes, i know that, i’m lurking now. :eyes:


Hope you’re not driving whilst replying, the boards will know .


I would answer that, but then i’d have to tell you all about my car which would be far more information than its sensible to disclose on a public forum… :wink::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On your bike then :wink: ha ha


Yes, yes you are.

And you can say “the Monzo forum” instead of “other forums”. It’s not Lord Voldemort.


There are other fintech forums as well apart from Monzo (three others come to mind) so I think it was appropriately phrased.


Mmmm… But it’s clear that they’re talking about the Monzo forum here let’s be frank.

At the end of the day it’s good to see Monzo engaging with their community rather than actively ignoring it cough Starling cough


Popped in just to say I absolutely love this :joy: