Can I use 2 phones


Hello again, I’m off on holiday soon, and I’ve installed the Starling app on my new mobile. I would prefer to take an older phone on holiday.
So would it be possible to install on a second phone? My older phone is only a year old!


Yes, you can have the Starling app on up to three devices.

Within the app selecting “Account Management” > “Your App Settings” > “Login & Security” and finally selecting “Manage Devices“ will show you a list of your currently signed in devices and the options to manage and remove them. :slight_smile:


You certainly can.


I believe its three simultaneously.


Oh good, so do I download the app onto the second phone? Then go into the account management? - is that on the first :iphone: phone.

Thanks again


Simply install and log-in to your second device following all the prompts as required; this should involve using the second phones camera to capture a bar/QR code on the original device.


Thanks Tom, I should have explained that at the outset. :grinning::+1:


My goodness! Taming just one phone is enough for me!!