Can I switch more than one account?


I have more than one account I’d like to switch to Starling, is this possible? is there a limit how many times?


Nope, no limit, but you’ll need to switch one at a time. I think I’ve switched around 8. :grinning:


Can you still switch even if there are no DD/SO or incoming payments, i.e literally nothing to be done other than close an account down?

Thought it might have been an easy way to close some dormant accounts I have!


Yes. It’s far easier to switch an account to close it than ask the bank to close it.


Absolutely - a very neat way.


This is the very reason why I want to do it, so I dont have to go through effort of closing accounts.

(because of Tesco DD issue for those aware)


The other benefit is that if any payments were made to your old account, they would be automatically redirected to your Starling account for the next 13 months.


It’s now actually been changed to 36 months, and possibly indefinitely, if payments continue to be redirected. :slight_smile:


On the subject of redirection, is this a same day thing?

Just wondering about a scenario where you might have DD’s to pay on a day youre meant to be getting paid…


Faster Payments are usually redirected within seconds. Other payments to your old account can take up to a few hours to redirect.