Call to Action for users: Quickbooks integration


Bit of a call to action for prospective Starling for Business account holders:

If you use Quickbooks Online for your accounts, there is no connection yet, and Quickbooks have said that users need to request the connection for their team to consider implementation. (

So all QBO users, lets get this started, go into your Quickbooks Online account (or application) and in the Banking section, try to add a Starling account (even if you don’t have a Starling for Business account yet). When you search for Starling, it will say the bank isn’t supported, but offer you the chance to “Request Support for your Bank”. Click it and fill in the form and hopefully if enough of us do this, then QBO will begin to work on their integration.

At the moment, Starling for Business can’t be my primary account as the bank feed integration isn’t there, so lets make it happen!

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