Calendar View for Direct Debits


I think it would be helpful to have a calendar view of all of my direct debits.

I want to see the date order of my direct debits so that I can make sure there is enough money in my account.

Currently the direct debits are in alphabetical order which may be helpful if you had loads of DDs. The option to have them in date order would be a great.

Or even an option to have a notification for upcoming DDs (Virgin Media DD is coming out tomorrow)

Just a brain dump :relaxed:

Edit: I have all of my DDs in my google calendar at the moment, would prefer to keep my FinLife in one place :heart_eyes:


Really good idea!


Yolt has notifications and recognises your subscriptions too. Worth a look if you haven’t heard of it. You can add other accounts too.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did try Yolt and Emma but didn’t love them. That could work, but I’d much rather have a more streamlined in-app solution if at all possible.


The whole direct debit and notification needs an overhaul. Even as something as simple of the font changing colour to say red for a payment due out tomorrow is better then nothing as it is now, especially if you miss the notification


An available balance minus any regular payments would be more useful for me I think then I can just forget about them and not have to worry about overspending.


Yes please, this is an excellent idea. We so need calendar view for DDs and other standing payments.


The problem with direct debits are that the bank doesn’t have enough visibility of the due date, dates can vary depending on whether the billing date fell on a weekend so was pushed out which then pushed out the direct debit date etc.

So any calendar would only be approximate for some direct debits (not all) and you can imagine some customers blaming the bank for making them overdrawn earlier than the calendar indicated.


They know at least the day before its coming out, so a notification saying you have a direct debit coming out tomorrow for a certain amount is not going to be impossible to do.

Barclays have a sort by Payment Date and a Sort by A - Z selector in clear sight so its easy to adapt for how you want to see them.


Yes, that would work but is not much of a calendar though.


Even if the calendar just showed the same date and amount as the previous month.

Infact just being able to sort the payments list by date would be good.

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But the direct debit may have been later than normal last month, you would need to put lots of asterisks against them and we know people won’t read them. The customer would be wrong but the bank will still need to deal with a customer who blames them.


Every once in a while there is a UX suggestion that truly stands out. This is one of them.
I’ll make sure this gets serious consideration when we revisit Direct debits and Standing orders.


I asked about this ages ago - hopefully it can be included in the roadmap



Exactly. Something like this would be great.


Praise indeed from @Kris. If he’s that impressed I reckon we can expect it to figure on the road map.


I’d like the calendar view of direct debits but also the ability to add known spend (classes, nights out etc) a bit like this app so i can budget better for the month.


Or even just the ability to filter scheduled transactions by date (using last date paid as an estimate for DDs). That way I can see roughly what is due soon in date order.


Love this idea. Yes please