Buying, holding and spending Euros


Hi folks
I know Starling give good market rates for conversion when spending abroad but…
I currently use a Revolut card to buy Euros throughout the year when the market rates turn in my favour, then use these Euros when I go abroad and to pay some regular annual bills which I have to pay in Euros. By doing this, I de-risk the situation where I may be having to pay for these Euro items at a time when the pound has weakened against the Euro. For example, when the pound/Euro rate recently hit £1/€1.15, I bought quite a few Euros as it’s been bumbling around €1.11-1.14 most of the last 12 months.

I know Starling are looking at something to do with Euro accounts etc, but can someone help me understand this better to see if this is likely to help me remove my need for my Revolut account? Will Starling be introducing anything that allows me to ‘buy and hold’ Euros at whatever rate I buy them, then spend directly from that holding when I go abroad or have to pay my Euro-rated bills? Will this be a separate ‘fund’ within my existing Starling account or will I need to take out another Starling ‘foreign currency’ account, alongside my Starling Personal, Joint and Business accounts I already hold?

Thanks folks


Hey Stu, there are far better people to answer this than myself, but my guess (it really is just a guess), is that you’ll certainly be able to buy and hold Euros at that rate (rather than it simply being a Euro “spending” account where you can only spend Euros at the given rate at the time).

Starling haven’t released any official word on how it’ll work though, whether that’s a completely separate account (like joint/business), or whether they do it as easily as Revolut.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, as quite simply, my answer is complete guess work :joy:


Haha! Thanks Nick. I shall print this guesswork and if it comes true, I will be asking you for the lottery numbers, too!


I suppose passporting, and the future Euro accounts might be able to facilitate something like this.

There could also be the option of having a ‘Goal’ as a storage facility for purchased currencies.


I am all for having € goals as well as £


€ goals work, but only as long as you can spend directly from the goal. Otherwise you have to convert to £ when you transfer the Euros out of the goal, into the main account in order to spend them. At which point they will then be converted back to € at point of sale. A bit of a nuisance.

Anyone in Starling know anything about the plans?