Business Transaction Categories


Is it me or could some improvements be made to the categories of payments for business accounts.?
Staff / Wages
Office Expenses
Telephone / Comms
Tax / vat
Subscriptions / memberships

At the moment it is all very personal account centric, with ahopping, eating out, bills, etc


Perhaps the HMRC expense guide could be a starting point, or a way to add our own categories would be amazing


It’s not just you. This is needed. Not sure how many businesses need a “Pets” category!

HMRC categories would be a great start.


Hi @Samuel_Newman,

This is certainly a must have for business accounts!

I’ll check with our product team to see whether this is something we are actively looking to implement.

Many thanks,


Confirmation that we are actively looking to make these categories more specific!

No time frames at the moment but one to expect in the hopefully not too distant future :wink:


And also for the personal account wouldn’t go amiss. The categories need expanding. A simple example - fuel!