Business launch in FY2017/18?



I was thinking about the Starling Business accounts launch and how I handle my business finances and it made me think, are Starling looking to launch business accounts before they end of FY71/18?

I only as because switching over finances at the beginning of a tax year is SO MUCH easier than doing it half way through for the purposes of reporting etc, especially if Starling are planning on pushing a value add business account with more advanced accounting and expense features…

Just a thought…


Hi @Bmacrow. I’m Jason and I’ve recently joined the team here at Starling Bank to focus on Starling for Business and how we can support businesses bank better and easier.

We will have a business account launching before the end of the financial year. If you haven’t already you can register your interest here-

I can see you’ve left some feature requests in the business- suggest a feature thread. We’re going through them to see how hard they are and when we might be able to include them so thanks for the feedback.

Reach out if you have any questions. Jason.

What’s your business or side hustle?
Starling Business Current Account Pricing
Business banking

Sounds awesome @jasonwilkinsonbrown and thanks for the reply! It’s great news that you are looking to launch before the end of the financial year, super exciting!

I’m all signed up on the waitlist yes, so just waiting to see the product before I hopefully transfer my accounts to you!


Good stuff!


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